COVID – 19


*  I will be sending you an email reminder 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. In this email will be a Covid Screening and agreement that must be completed before appointment. This will be a PRE-SCREENING of any symptoms you may have related to COVID-19 or traveling activity.

  * Anyone who has answered yes relating to COVID-19 prescreening will not be provided care.  If symptoms arise on day of appointment please cancel appointment immediately.  There will be no treatment charge.

*  During our time together I will be wearing a surgical mask which is changed with every client.

*  You will be required to also wear a mask upon entry to my office and during treatment.  It can be surgical or a clean cloth mask.  If you arrive without a mask one will be provided for you at a cost.  If for some reason you are unable to wear a mask due to another underlying respiratory health condition non COVID related, please contact me before appointment.  If you have concerns laying face down with a mask we can address those at your treatment and provide possible alternatives.

*  When arriving at your appointment please wait in your car to just before your appointment time and please enter alone.   There will be no waiting area.  If you require assistance from another care giver please contact me before your appointment so arrangements can be made.

*  Upon entering the clinic a station will be immediately available to you to wash or sanitize your hands and a touch temperature will be taken.

*   ALL linens will be changed including blankets.  All surfaces, table, pillows, headrest, chair, stool, door and other contact surfaces will be disinfected and bathroom will be cleaned with an approved Ministry of Health cleaner

.* Appointments will run on schedule to allow adequate time between clients to disinfect room and prepare for next appointment.  Please arrive on time as no extra time will be added on to appointment to accommodate if you are late.

  • Registered Massage Therapists have also been required to take Infection Control Courses before they reopen to learn risk assessment, proper protocols for PPE and Infection control measures within our environment.

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